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Alcohol abuse is a perfect handling of psychiatric diagnosis that is clearly described in DSM-IV. It describes the use of alcoholic beverage in spite of a negative result. It contains ethanol commonly known as alcohol which is a psychoactive drug and has depressant effect. The central nervous functioning badly gets depressed and it results to plenty of serious side effects. It is differentiated from the physical dependence of alcohol by lack of symptom such as withdrawal and tolerance. Sometimes it is referred as alcoholism. There are lots of definitions of alcoholism but among them only some are compatible with alcohol abuse. Currently, with comparable numbers in other countries, there are approximately 9 million alcoholics in United States alone. There is little difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse according to Max Fisher who is the author of How do I stopped drinking.

Intake of alcohol will result in biphasic health effects and troubles the overall physique and they change from one time period to another. Bad level of alcohol intake could cause serious consequences like coordination troubles and blurred vision. When the level of alcohol tends to increase, it certainly disturbs the biological tissue, as the cell membranes present in the body are easily permeable to the impact of alcohol intake. Excessive drinking could lead to severe poisoning and even death. Regular intake of alcohol will risk the person’s life by developing alcoholic liver disease, alcoholism side effects, and several other cancer types too. Huge intake of alcoholic level over a time period could badly affect the human brain and it hassles the mental development. Studies have shown that alcohol dependence relates directly to cravings and irritability. Considerable evidence suggests a connection between gravid alcohol intake and increased risk for cancer.

<3> Treatment can vary for Alcohol Abuse. Many times, there are issues of alcohols which are associated with group treatment that is entirely composed of women and alcoholism. For example it can help to tend tissues that surround male abusers. Rehabilitation centers are instructed are instructed for detoxification if treated improperly as there can be serious physical effects including death.

The Naked Ape posted a photo: 20 2 12 Is it better knowing that you will soon be dead and prepare for it, or to face it suddenly without adequate warning.
Liam, seemed to retreat into himself more becoming less vocal more humble aprt from myself an a couple of others he spent huge amounts of time alone. He told me once that the hardest part of living by oneself was the loneliness towards the end he said that even that did not bother him.
We are not meant to be alone, isolation leads to the starvation of the soul/heart.
The Naked Ape posted a photo: Up in Smoke This picture was taken only a few months before Liam died from terminal Bowel cancer. Here he is out of it on a combination of morphine dope & vodka. In the end, he was in a constant stupor unaware of his surroundings or even what day/year it was. It was really sad to see this.
I had Liams full permission to photograph, film and record him throughout our friendship and although a lot of the material was lost due to hard disk failure/damage a lot of it still exists which I hope one day will give others a glimpse of what some aspects of life were like at the turn of the 21st century in Central London.

Liam took 7 years prior -

Liam took just one year prior -
The Naked Ape posted a photo: Vodka & Cornflakes Taken about a year before he died, Liam, lost in thought during breakfast 'Vodka & Cornflakes'.
md.alamgir005 posted a photo: Some Much-Needed Perspective: Your Simple, Boring Life Is An Enormous Achievement Why do the majority of people settle for simple, boring lives? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.Answer by Andrea Gide:
If you stop for a second and think about a boring and simple life you'll realize it's not that easy to obtain that lifestyle.
I'll just assume that your definition of "simple boring life" is this: married with kids, employed, mortgage.
Ok, now let's break everything down in smaller steps:You survived infancy, adolescence, and your late teen years
This is already a success by itself; you were able not to destroy your future in the period of your life when you were at peak stupidity.You have a steady job
Consider the current job market, which is highly competitive. In order to have a steady job you must have skills that you probably acquired through education, which probably means someone paid in full or helped you pay for your education. In your life you found more than one person who believed in you enough to decide to give you money in order to have your skills.
Having this job means you have a paycheck, thanks to which you are able to afford all the things you currently own and the services you're enjoying.You are married with kids
This means you were able to find a person with whom you had such a great relationship that you two decided to be legally bound to spend your lives together. You found a person who liked you so much as to repress his/her sexual instincts in order to have sex only with you (or at least that's the idea), a person who consciously said that he/she would never need anyone else in his/her life. Among all the people he/she met in his/her life this person chose YOU.
You have such a great time with this person you even decided to have children. You're so sure about the strength of your union that you decided to take up the responsibility of having a new life in your hands.
When you think about that you realize it surely takes a lot of courage.You have a house
You have a place to stay and food at least 3 times a day. You've already covered what's mandatory for survival: shelter and food.
If you have a house it means you either paid for it in full and this, considering the real estate market, means you're pretty successful since you could afford to spend that kind of money in one go, or you're paying a mortgage, which means you're safe enough for a banking institution, with its army of paid professionals evaluating risks, to consider you a safe investment and give you a pretty relevant sum of money, trusting you will pay it back in monthly installments over the years, or you're renting, which means another person believed in you enough to give you his/her own property in exchange for money.
If you have all these things it means that you probably made a series of right decisions over the years and that you're also pretty lucky, because nowadays it doesn't take a lot to become homeless. You lose your paycheck and you can't afford to pay for anything, or you go through a difficult divorce and you need to cut back on your expenses so much that you end up living in a trailer or in your car.
And, one more thing cooperating to your success: HEALTH!
If you have all those things it means you are healthy, you weren't born with disabilities, you're not sick, you've not contracted any of those illnesses we know so little about (think about SM, ALS, cancer), you've not fallen prey to addictions. So you are very, very, very, very lucky.
What I'm trying to say is that it's much easier to become this guy:
Than this guy:
Life has smiled at you more than it has frowned at you.
I'm 33, single, and have been holding a steady job for less than 2 years.
For at least 6 years I've been very very close to becoming the guy in the first picture; even now I'm not that safely far from him. I'm surely farther from the guy in the second picture than the guy in the first one, and probably most of the people living the second picture life do not realize what they were able and lucky to accomplish. When you think your life is boring, average, and common, think about the guy in the first picture. Realize how easy it is to become him and thank whatever you believe in that you woke up today as the guy in the second picture.

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nogretchen posted a photo: William Hogarth (1697-1764) Beer Street and Gin Lane, 1751

Subtly sending the message that beer is a wholesome, healthy beverage, while gin leads to infanticide, madness and suicide.

These two prints were issued in support of what would become the Gin Act. The English in fact did have a problem not only with excessive gin consumption, but lack of quality control. (Turpentine does in fact lack the health benefits of ale.)

The Gin Act hiked taxes on gin, made it more difficult to sell and so on, and of course we know how successful those tactics tend to be. posted a photo: 喝酒出現一個癥狀,肝臟正在求救!大部分人無視了0 喝酒出現一個癥狀,肝臟正在求救!大部分人無視了0

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